SearchLock – Is it Really Important?

SearchLockWhen doing transactions and operations online, how many percent sure are you that you are on the safe path? If you are always online, you can’t have the assurance that your files, documents, accounts and other things are still safe. You are surely aware that there are lots of viruses emerging, hackers stealing your files and other wrongdoings that might ruin your account, business reputation and more. The moment that you just decided to do things online, everything is already in a risky situation most especially if you are not careful in performing things. It is very important that you always have the assurance that everything goes perfect and safe.

SearchLock has the capability to detect or keep track of your actions most especially if you are about to perform non-private or potentially unsafe searches and it instantly redirects your query into the privacy results page of SearchLock. Even in the process of searching files, you don’t exactly have the assurance that you are doing it safe. SearchLock is a tool offered for free wherein it helps users in protecting their privacy while you are doing searches on the internet.

If you are not aware yet, Yahoo, Bing, Google and other search engines has the capability to store every single search term that you type. All the search histories you did are kept not only for days but for months so that it will be more traceable for you and for your family as well. In addition to that, the privacy policies of the famous search providers mentioned that there is a great tendency that your search history is associated with email address or account that you maintain with them including your Yahoo, Microsoft and Google accounts. You should also know that not only the search engines have the capability to track your searches. Your workplace can also monitor your search histories. They usually make use of monitoring software in order to record all your web searches whilst using work network or computer.

Everyone believes that their search history is a highly sensitive data which can potentially reveal everything about you more than those that you desire. SearchLock has been designed in order to prevent the monitoring or tracking of search terms through large search engine companies as well as organizations which might be interested on the things that you do online.

SearchLock makes use of patent-pending technology in order to efficiently detect when the search query you made will be tracked or re-routed it and the search results will be delivered to you by means of an encrypted privacy-friendly results page. There are various reasons why you need to seek for the safety measures provided by SearchLock. Some of these are as follows:

  • SearchLockYour workplace might be using software in order to trace or track the searches that you have made.
  • There is also a tendency that the government might access your search history.
  • If you will not use SearchLock, your company’s profile might be at risk and your data might be offered or sold to unknown individuals.
  • And also, the searches that you have made are not anonymous.

SearchLock can help you avoid such things provided that you will install this on your computer. This will effectively make sure that your search histories are kept saved. No one will be able to successfully track the searches you made since those are all protected and set into private. You can have the assurance that all your search activities are private. SearchLock can provide you lots of benefits you wouldn’t know it can. With this, there is nothing to worry about stolen files, data and important searches.