Frank Weglarz’s Key to Success

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Intelligence plus a good character is equals to success. This is the formula behind the amazing success of Frank Weglarz that most of us are all inspired of. There’s no doubt that he is one of the most prominent and best HVAC specialist in the industry now because of his good education, great character and versatility. Weglarz was a great academic achiever when he was in college. He went to Augustana College where he completed his degree. He joined many activities and societies in college and was a “Varsity Letter Winner” in Augustana College’s Football. We can say that he is a sport lover too because aside from playing football, he’s also a great player of track and field. This might be the things that made him positive and more enthusiastic towards his life.

Weglarz has a heart on becoming a good leader, and he loves to join many organizations even today. During his college days, he successfully served as a social chair in a fraternal organization called Delta Omega NU for almost a year. With his experiences in leadership, he can perfectly manage all his tasks every single task that was assigned to him in the organization where he belongs. He is not only an academic achiever but also a good leader, with this, he got numerous awards and recognitions in his university and on the organizations that he worked for as well.

Frank WeglarzIn 2006, he finished his degree of Bachelor of Arts in Finance, General and he also had his ‘Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology” that same year. It is just so amazing that he was able to have that both within the same year. He explored more and expanded his horizon, these are the keys that gave him more opportunities to reach his goals in life and he actually did it. He did not put his education into waste. After he received his degree, he nourished himself with many working experiences which include his job in Heating Company as a Project Estimator, which is in Arlington Heights where he is currently working with since December 2013.

The company where he is working says that Weglarz is a boon to them. Within a year, his services have brought much to the company’s fast growth. With a versatile man like him, everything is not impossible. Weglarz can be everything that a client may need because he has abilities and skills like project estimation, public speaking, leadership, marketing, sales, construction management, strategic planning and many more. Having a degree in Finance, Weglarz has no difficulty in handling budget planning in which his company is so thankful for. He is also well knowledgeable with all the things about construction management and strategic planning. We can say that Frank Weglarz is a total packages and he will be a perfect asset that every company would love to have.